its all giggles and shit until taylor gets edgy.

Those three words every girl wants to hear

other girls: i love you
me: wanna meet Taylor?


taylor swift is about to drop a bomb on the music industry and she’s WEARING A CUSTOM MADE NO ITS BECKY SHIRT why do i do this to myself

Shake It Off Outtakes

Taylor Swift goes incognito to kick off the iHeartRadio Music Festival (x)

taylor swift: aye, let's uproot the tumblr fandom tonight
taylor swift: hmmmm but how
taylor swift: should i change my icon to a photo of my 7 grammies
taylor swift: nah, too mild
taylor swift: !!!!!! i've got an idea!
taylor swift: mahahaha
taylor swift: muahahahaha


taylorswift you’ve won seven Grammys. You’ve had multiple number one singles. You’ve sold millions of albums. But I think it’s safe to say this shirt is the highlight of your career.


taylor is probably sitting at her computer with meredith and olivia and watching us like: