its all giggles and shit until taylor gets edgy.


The 1975 in Utrecht 04/10/2014, by Jelmer de Haas

If i had to pick [my favorite song off the album] it would be… Out of the woods! —Taylor swift on Cauet (via timeerasingyou)

“Songs are my diaries; they always have been. You have to put your trust in everyone because putting down those real, personal details and thoughts that make a song authentic also opens you right up. I am constantly misunderstood; a lot of people just don’t get me.”


still in love with the “Mean Lean”

Honestly I wanted to give people a song that helps deal with how humans treat eachother. Everyone gossips, everyone makes fun of eachother and not only to me, in my job, everyone mocks everyone all the time and what we have to do is laugh about it and have fun. —Taylor about the irony that she uses in Shake It Off - Le Grand Journal (via xloveswift)

Taylor on Le Grand Journal (x)


Cher Lloyd on Taylor Swift. (x)


this is fabulous

I think that this has caused a lot of discussion and that’s amazing, I think feminism should be something that is a part of the national and international conversation and I think it’s a word that should be taught to young girls, and I think a wonderful thing to exist in today’s society because as girls we certainly have enough that we have to combat as far as perceptions of the way we should live our lives, the way we should dress, the way we should think and I love that there’s a very simple beautiful eloquent definition of feminism out there for the world to consume. —Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech (Le Grand Journal interview)