its all giggles and shit until taylor gets edgy.

i could be the only blog on tumblr and taylorswift still wouldn’t see me lets be real


Taylor deserves to feel this indescribable, inexplicable joy all the time. She deserves to be laughing and smiling and feeling like she could do anything without failing. Taylor deserves people that would be there for her for genuine reasons and not people that try and take…


things to remember

  • taylor swift loves you
  • you may not have met her yet, you may not have ever gone to a concert
  • you may never go to a concert and you may never meet her
  • but you could meet her, you never know, and if you’re starting to think like this with no hope now, you probably won’t meet her
  • so
  • hold your head up, chin up darling
  • because
  • you know what won’t change, will never change?
  • the fact that
  • taylor swift loves you


Taylor is so nice to her swifties like i can imagine her in the apocalypse be like “come onboard on my space shuttle, you want some cookies? Oh you want to hold my awards? Grammys or VMAs? Wait where’s olivia? WHY IS MY PHONE NOT WORKING”

Title: Love Story (Rehearsal)

Artist: Taylor Swift

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Taylor in LA: crop top
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Taylor in antartica : crop top
Taylor on pluto: crop top

I can’t wait for so many things. But mostly I can’t wait to see you, whether it’s in a crowd or a coffee shop. Thank you for listening, showing up, reading, and taking such good care of me.

But you were everything to me, i was begging you “please don’t go.”